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Supporting Young Graduates to Create Impactful Solutions for Issues Affecting them and their Communities


BizSkills Academy Inc. is a Canadian firm with a social enterprise directive to empower the 18 – 35-year-old young and potential entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. The youth, especially in developing countries have legions of ideas and opportunities but are faced with inadequate tools, workspace and guidance to help nurture them.

The BizSkills Academy Inc. platform provides opportunities for members’ access to courses, tools, workspace and guidance targeted at inspiring youths to think deeper about existing and prevailing problems within their communities and specific areas of their interest. We aim to create community change agents actively engaged in the daily community challenges from a solution perspective. With BizSkills Academy, we are providing access to flexible and dynamic tools to help future change agents develop custom solutions to the nature and norms of their respective communities, empowering them with new ways of thinking and addressing those challenges defying the status quo.

The BizSkills Academy learning center provides a curated experience for each user and supports a diverse set of stakeholders ranging from early-stage entrepreneurs, educational and training institutions, business advisors, governments and Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs). We aim to inspire a new generation of change agents, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs who will ultimately create jobs for a growing population globally, more so in the developing countries.


Empowering youth with skills, knowledge and inspiration to create bourgeoning solutions to communities’ emerging problems.


To build a global network of young people who foster and propagate social entrepreneurship in our communities through an engaging and self-paced entrepreneurial learning platform.


Professional Excellence

We strive to offer an intuitive and immersive service to all through capacity-building and training. Equipping youths with skills and technology are our commitment to all our customers and partners.

Social Impact

Our social enterprise directive has been founded on three critical pillars: technology, social issues, and profitability.  We apply the convergence of these three pillars to deliver an inexpensive service to all.

Client-Centric Focus and Value Creation

We go beyond the traditional customer-vendor relationship to co-create impactful experiences with our customers by collaborating with them to understand their unique context and, together, develop strategies to achieve optimal solutions.

Leveraging the Power of Technology

In an ever-changing world, we are committed to using cutting edge technology and innovation to deliver a personalized learning experience to foster limitless imagination and creativity.


Norman Musengimna

Founder and CEO of Bizskills Academy,
currently finishing a Master’s in Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Smith School of Business, and a 2018 cohort in Queen's University Summer Initiative, Kingston.

Norman is from Rwanda. He has lived & worked in over 7 countries in the start-up space.

Megan Campbell

Director of Product and Learning,
currently a professor at St. Lawrence Collage and subject matter expert at Loyalist Collage.

Megan is a Canadian who is passionate about improving people's lives through education, entrepreneurship. BizSkills Academy Inc. provides her the opportunity to explore & live her passion.

Daisy Gobina

Director of Partnership and Operations,
currently finishing a Master’s in Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Certificate in Social Impact at Smith School of Business Queens University.

Daisy's career experience includes working in startup teams, sales, retail, logistics and improving productivity.

Amey Zhang

Director of Marketing & Finance,
A high performance driven professional with a long-standing interest in business development & finance. Currently studying Statistics and Economics at Queen's University.

Amey leverages on her extensive international network to conduct international business activities at BizSkills Academy Inc.


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    Shari Hughson & JP Shearer

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    Edward Thomas

  • Launchlab

    Scott Runte & Sam Khan

  • Kingston Economic Development Corporation

    Katie Ross

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    Dr. Komi Klu