Startup Spotlight – AGRO A.I. : “Artificial Intelligence for Nigerian Farmers”

Startup Spotlight – AGRO A.I. : “Artificial Intelligence for Nigerian Farmers”

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  By Francesco Petrache | May 10, 2020

This week, AfricaHacks in partnership with BizSkills heartily showcase this week’s B-VIP winner,  Agro A.I. – A digital business that links new evolving technologies with Nigerian farmers all over Africa.


Rice, sesame, cashews, cassava. Ever since the dwindling of Nigeria’s oil industry, agriculture has sprouted once again. As more and more people are tending to their crops and cattle, this growth brings a wave of change. And while agriculture grows as a dominant industry in Nigeria, many face new obstacles. The new economic and agricultural challenges require farmers to adapt to growing technologies.



Meet Akinsolah Adefolahan, CEO of Agro A.I. He is many things: a programmer, an innovator, and an entrepreneur with great love and passion for the food industry. It’s that very passion that drove him to bridge the disconnect between evolving technology and the typical Nigerian farmer. 

“My family owns a fish farm for catfish and tilapia. As I finished my studies from a university of agriculture – the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta(FUNAAB) to be precise, my love for food and my background naturally pointed me to agriculture. If you look at this industry and our population, you begin to understand why feeding so many is a problem. Agricultural loss comes in different forms.


Whether it’s pest attacks, diseases, droughts, or other reasons, this all leads to an increase in the cost of feeding. Eventually, this makes food itself harder to afford for many families, especially due to the lack of optimization for many farmers. I was grateful I could still afford to eat! AGRO A.I. was born to make food more accessible and affordable, as well as to mitigate losses and optimize agriculture. That is our mission.” – Akinsolah Adefolahan, CEO of Agro A.I.



He would work with Bilaal Salman and Banjoko John through many projects, including the NaijaHacks Hackaton and the Bizskills B-VIP program. Now, the three are closer than ever to reaching the review and interview stage for a groundbreaking product. One that incorporates artificial intelligence seamlessly to help farmers all over Africa.


AGRO A.I. is an application that revolutionizes agriculture as we know it.


First, using artificial intelligence, this app operates on mobile devices to identify pests, diseases, and detect soil fertility. And of course, it’s even able to monitor and maintain your livestock! Isn’t that amazing? AGRO A.I. acts as a farm’s mobile assistant, helping you without having to rely on an internet connection or additional equipment. Indeed, it requires little outside of a phone and the app itself. Additionally, the app recognizes inputted information such as the soil’s PH level and image data – and makes intelligent conclusions. To put it simply, it’s no different than downloading a doctor that knows all the diseases, features, and parameters. All it needs to do is to check for them.



Thus, by bridging the gap between agriculture and technological innovations, this app reduces yield loss. Such a service will bring a significant increase in terms of crop and revenue generation, with features such as plant, pest, and disease detection. Additionally, features that are easy to use, streamlined, and accessible for the average user. All by creating a product that can be a practical, educational, and research-based tool. Therefore, AGRO A.I. is an extremely valuable service to optimize agriculture, right now more than ever.





  1. As easy to use as your phone camera app

  2. Provides our facilities without the need for internet access

  3. Tailored for each user, reducing redundancies

  4. Carries unique functions



And now, a message from AGRO A.I.’s founders:


“First of all, AGRO A.I’s drive is to bring the optimum quality attainable for our product and obtain adequate user testing. With this in mind, our product will be available in a week or two. We want to push our A.I. software to the next level, as we work towards our much-anticipated review and interview. However, the great news is that we are making wonderful progress, our A.I is coming together in its different many bits, and it’s amazing us.

And as an organization, we are undergoing registration as I/O AGRICULTURE; a slow and steady process partly due to the current COVID-19 situation, and the difficulties that have arisen from the pandemic. However, we are making steady progress, and we are proud to say that AGRO A.I. now stands stronger than ever.

Finally, as a team, there isn’t a more wonderful feeling than learning to work with each other. Being able to understand and identify each other’s weaknesses and overcome them, take advantage of each other’s strengths, and work towards a common goal. Morale in our product has never been higher…”


AGRO A.I. Will be an important step in order to secure a stronger yield for thousands of farmers all across the country. For many, an absolute gamechanger.


Thus, through its efforts, the AGRO A.I. team ensures this service will be an affordable and accessible solution to Nigerian farmers. Simply put, with a raised fund of $ 25,000.00 CAD, it offers an innovative solution that will change the way farmers work. Additionally, increase yield in a time where more and more people need access to food. Therefore, to our team at BizSkills Academy, AGRO A.I. is absolutely something that can bring much-needed help to many people all over the country.


Are you interested in helping secure a growing industry ripe with possibility? For the Nigerian community, agriculture is an essential industry that feeds millions. If you wish to help bring this business project to the next level, contact us. As we gain more funds and investors, we can reach new milestones and truly innovate the way artificial intelligence and agriculture interact with one another.

Our contact details have been shared at the bottom of this post and on our website down below.”

Interested to learn more? Reach us via our website –

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Akinsola Adefolahan:

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Francesco Petrache

Francesco Petrache

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