Startup Spotlight – Surepsyches: “A software solution that bridges the gap in mental health awareness”

Startup Spotlight – Surepsyches: “A software solution that bridges the gap in mental health awareness”

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  By Francesco Petrache | April 26, 2020

This week, AfricaHacks in partnership with BizSkills would like to introduce you to Surepsyches. It is a purpose-driven organization, aiming to make mental health a mainstream and accessible service in Nigeria. 



The World Health Organization declared in 2016 that Nigeria’s suicide rate was the 15th highest in the world. Putting it into perspective, for every 100, 000 individuals, 9.5 will lose their life due to mental health conditions. This number is more than just a statistic. Above all, it’s a painful reality scourging the people of Nigeria.

Mental health issues are not to be taken lightly. Soon, anyone in Nigeria can have easy access to counseling and expert help at a fraction of the existing costs, wherever they are located in the country. No matter the personal baggage or rough patches, Surepsyches promotes mental wellness to every individual. ” –  Ebere Okonkwo, CEO. Founder of Surepsyches.




The lives of those with mental health conditions are often plagued by stigma and discrimination.  Stigma is a negative stereotype, a reality for individuals with a mental illness. Unfortunately, it’s a challenge that many people face when seeking help. Outside judgment is one of their greatest barriers preventing others from getting the professional support they need.


Seeing this, Ebere Okonkwo nursed a project to fight this epidemic.



It’s around that time when she met Okaneme Victor and Nwachukwu Sandra. And through their collaboration in 2019’s Hackaton and BizSkills Academy online courses, they are now closer than ever to achieving their goal: Surepsyches. A potential platform that will provide readily accessible individual counseling or psychological therapy.



To that end, it strives to be an accessible, affordable service for anyone. Additionally, thanks to the option for trained experts and counselors to subscribe, it offers real professional support. This help can be used anytime – and anywhere! It ranges from therapy sessions or seminars to counseling and even live training, all with an option to engage through a confidential chat or call. Essentially, this averts the risk of the stigma associated with mental health vulnerabilities.



Finally, this grants the ability to truly change lives for the better, ensuring nonjudgmental help to those who need it. Because it doesn’t matter if they live with addictions, bipolar disorder, OCD, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, schizophrenia, depression, or any kind of mental illness. Nobody’s pain should feel like a life sentence.


Because our lives shouldn’t be merely endured but enjoyed.


Above all, we at BizSkills truly believe that this is an incredibly valuable service. First and foremost, Surepsyches provides a way to destigmatize those with a mental health history. Above all else, it promotes mental health awareness and wellness. But it’s also a necessary step in the right direction, especially when facing this time of crisis, where COVID-19 has confined people and communities between the walls of their houses.


Because nevertheless, self-isolation can take a toll on mental health, causing depression and other problems to fester. And as people stay locked in longer and longer, a service like Surepsyches will become all the more essential. You can’t understate the ability to reach out and talk to someone one finger tap away.



To summarize, Surepsyches is here to help these individuals in our communities have satisfying lives with a proper mental health balance; To ensure they live the life they deserve, one without stigmatization, leaving you with a wholesome state of mind. It seeks to remind you that you deserve a complete life, enforcing the simple idea that you matter. That a wholesome life is neither the wealth nor other material things people seek. As individuals, we spend so much time taking care of our outward appearance. We obsess over the phones we carry, the vehicles we drive, and even the clothes we wear.


However, too many forget the cornerstone of a wholesome life well lived: a healthy mind.





A word from the creators of Surepsyches:


We found our purpose in reaching out to people who otherwise would have felt hopeless. This is why Surepsyches was created, with a business model uniquely crafted to serve our community. Our goal was to give people an opportunity to reach out and to be able to listen. To provide care and support without judgment to those who need it most. To help people realize they’re worth more than what negative circumstances or uninformed individuals have made them feel.

Our mission is providing them one more reason to live.”


So far, the founders of Surepsyches have been bootstrapping the company. Now, after validating key assumptions, the company is raising a seed fund of $ 25,000.00 CAD. In six months, with this seed funding, they plan to recruit professional social workers in the mental health space, while at the same creating strategic partnerships with mental health experts and doctors. This will pave the way for developing robust operations and business development strategies helping the company’s beta solution to be the best thee is in the country. Lastly, they are making sure that they incorporate a strong sales and marketing strategy that will take their product to as many people as possible.


If you are an investor or a strategic partner out there who cares about mental health care and shares our vision, we invite you to join us. We are ready to start conversations to find ways to work together to help contribute positively to our community.


Our contact details have been shared at the bottom of this post and on our website down below.”



Interested to learn more? Reach us via our website –


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Francesco Petrache

Francesco Petrache

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