Startup Spotlight – TrackAm : “A mobile app to promote and ensure safety for all Nigerians”

Startup Spotlight – TrackAm : “A mobile app to promote and ensure safety for all Nigerians”

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  By Francesco Petrache | May 21, 2020

This week, AfricaHacks in partnership with BizSkills are proud to present TrackAm. A digital all-round safety solution with an A.I. based SOS alert feature.


Whether it’s your 10 fingers, your 10 toes, your 2 eyes, your 1 nose, or even your entire body…safety counts! And in the current times, these words hold more weight than ever. Indeed, these days, we point a lot of blame and fingers at our emergency services. Many people in particular question their response time and dedication to service. As a result, there’s a huge lack of trust that festers and causes many evitable losses to occur.

This lack of trust in public security is a huge threat. Especially in the current COVID-19 world, where one’s personal safety is paramount.


So let’s start with the facts.


As discussed above, building and maintaining public trust in emergency services is paramount. Without that, it will be much harder to ensure the safety of the Nigerian people. However, allegations of corruption, extortion, and human rights infringements have stained these institutions for a long time.

Thus, increasing spending on security initiatives in both cases may amount to little in the long run. By educating the public, it is possible to counteract this.

“A recent report on institutional trust from Afrobarometer finds that the army is the most trusted state institution in Africa, while the police enjoy considerably less public confidence: On average, 64% of survey respondents in 36 countries say they trust the army “a lot” or “somewhat,” compared to 51% for the police.
[ ] In contrast, Nigerians’ trust in both the police (21%) and armed forces (40%) is at the lowest recorded levels in all 36 countries surveyed in 2014/2015.” –


Consider this: The higher class use private guards and pay huge fees for security services. The average citizen doesn’t have access to anything of that scale. All of these factors impact the population heavily! And there seems to be a bridge we identified; a large percentage of people have little to no idea about emergency helplines.  This all contributes to the lack of efficiency/response time of Nigerian emergency services.


Therefore, this feeds into itself and creates a self-feeding cycle of mistrust and misinformation.

But there is a way to counteract it.


Happiness has many roots, but none more important than security.” – E.R. Stettinus, Jr.

And there are solutions to this crisis! As we like to put it, to the innovators come the innovative ideas. And we all generate ideas, don’t we? The goal is to turn these thoughts into action.


In mid-2019, a stroke of great opportunities hit the latest wave of creatives and innovators in the Nigerian tech community. And one particular group of entrepreneurs took this brainstorming to the next level. Enwerem Prince (CEO), a creative director and entrepreneur, was working alongside a long-time colleague, Zenith Wogwugwu (CTO)a software engineer on a prospective project. That’s when it first hit them. They had the idea to start working on an app to tackle these challenges. All to promote safety for the Nigerian community.



Fast forward to December 2019, the team discovered Naijahacks – a tech body dedicated to fostering the growth of African startups, one business at a time. During this period, Stanley Emecheta (COO) was living in the same space as Prince and Zenith.


The three joined as a team and worked on this project since then. Starting through the hackathon and continuing their business endeavors, they created, competed, and won! Following that, the TrackAm team took part in the Africahacks Incubation Program (B-VIP) sponsored by Bizskills Academy.


“BizSkills and AfricaHacks have equipped us with the required knowledge to launch, scale, and sustain our startup. We would like to use this opportunity to appreciate both platforms. We thank them for the grand opportunity and growth we’ve achieved in the space of 6 months!” – Enwerem Prince, CEO and Founder of TrackAm.

Which brings us to their innovative service, TrackAm.


TrackAm is a simple app, one anyone can download on any mobile device. By using AI technology, it activates once you simply shake your phone, and sends an SOS signal for emergency situations. This signal is sent in real-time. It immediately contacts emergency services as well as loved ones, without any delay.



And even better, the app also includes a location tracker.



One which can be incredibly useful during times of crisis, especially if one needs immediate assistance. Or of course, in cases where one needs to be found ASAP. And all through a discreet shake of the phone. This means that performing a call or taking time to send a message isn’t necessary.

Needless to say, a security app like this is incredibly useful and important. It can truly make a difference when someone is in an unsafe situation.

But that’s not all.




Besides a real-time SOS delivery feature in emergency situations, TrackAm also offers a wealth of information. For example, curated safety tips, procedures, and multiple helplines. These all contribute to fighting any form of emergency. Everything is curated from a user’s point of view. This way, they ensure that the app delivers an all-round safety solution to the best of its capability. By informing people of their options, others can respond appropriately. This allows to act quickly in times where immediate action is necessary in order to save lives. Finally, TrackAm accessible. After all, mobile phones are a primary mode of communication all over the world, including Nigeria,

Because to TrackAm, your safety matters.



Now, a couple of words from the creators of TrackAm:


“We are a few weeks from completing the incubation program. But more importantly, we’re a few days away from officially launching our app. We can’t be more excited than we are right now.

However, it’s no time to rest or ring any victory bells just yet. Therefore, we’re not sleeping on this achievement for long, as we plan to top it in just a few weeks’ time.

In the long run, TrackAm aims to be an all-round safety solution. A technological service that keeps people safe and sound. And we plan this by including location tracking and artificial intelligence to the existing SOS alert feature. What we massively care about at TrackAm is to keep everyone safe. That is our mission; one which we wish to continue, tweak and achieve. Our results will become a service to society.”

With this amazing wave of progress, TrackAm aims to become an authority when it comes to security and public safety.

In order to truly help the Nigerian community, the team has raised $ 25,000.00 CAD. This money will be used to strengthen its infrastructure, expand the business, and increase its marketing scale to take the product to the next level. And of course, help provide a solid starting point for the development of its Artificial Intelligence technologies. So all in all, through a strong marketing, business, and mobile development plan, this project can very well ensure the safety for thousands.

And in the end, that’s what matters the most.


Looking to invest or partner up with a growing, expanding business? If you seek to help your community in a meaningful way or help bring African business to the next level, contact us. We are always looking to establish strong, mutual, and reliable business connections and relationships.

We’ve shared our contact details at the bottom of this post.”


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Get to know our founders here;

Prince Enwerem (CEO):
Instagram – @thinkingman

Ekene Stanley (COO)
Twitter – @ekene_stan@ekene_stan
Instagram – @ekene_stan@ekene_stan
LinkedIn – Emecheta Stanley Ekene

Wogwugwu Zenith
Twitter – @uzenith360
LinkedIn – Zenith Wogwugwu
Facebook – @Zenith.wogwugwu






Francesco Petrache

Francesco Petrache

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