Startup Spotlight – Bridge: “A platform connecting skilled workers and employers”

Startup Spotlight – Bridge: “A platform connecting skilled workers and employers”

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By Francesco Petrache | April 20, 2020

This week, AfricaHacks in partnership with BizSkills Academy would like to introduce you to Bridge; a growing platform that provides a safe, secure, and reliable way to outsource work to trustworthy professionals in their field.


Damilare was once an aspiring software developer eager to learn and grow. Like many other students, he was a self-starter who learned programming on his own. He found opportunities working for various enterprises.

It was at a Meetup that he would meet Adebayo and Oluwatobi, who participated in the NaijaHacks Hackaton. They were among the top 12 winning teams in the competition. 


This was a great opportunity for them to connect. Since they both already succeeded in this event together, they decided to get on board in order to start a business. One day, a problem occurred when there was difficulty finding movers, for one of the three needed to move to a new house. It’s around that time that the three noticed that there was a huge opportunity to change the way that people can find work.

Damilare, Adebayo, and Oluwatobi realized three main problems before starting Bridge:
  • There are no convenient ways to outsource physical tasks.
  • Many local small-scale businesses are not yet online (such as roadside electricians and plumbers.)
  • Price and trust are important when outsourcing tasks.


They wanted to find a way to tackle these challenges effectively.

Soon they discovered that there was immense potential in a platform that connects freelance workers or professionals to clients. It was a platform that could tackle these challenges.


And right here, Bridge was born.


“On Saturday evening, I heard a loud noise from my room and decided to go check what had happened, I got to realize that my Television set had been damaged due to high electrical voltage. I reached out to my neighbors for recommendations, but they couldn’t help me find a reliable TV repair guy. Then, I tried searching Google, but I just couldn’t find anyone closest to my place, until I saw an Ad on Facebook about Bridge.
I completed the form requiring the details about my tasks, and I got matched to a TV repairer in less than 5 minutes. The funniest thing is the repair guy happens to be my church member.” –  Mr. Daniels, one of Bridge’s early users who contacted BizSkills.

But what is Bridge?

Bridge is an online marketplace for outsourcing physical and remote tasks. We at BizSkills recognize the potential for a service like this. That is because there is a very real need for professionals who meet the requirements of various people but who are not always searchable and accessible. This is even more relevant in today’s time of crisis, where a pandemic makes it difficult to find skilled workers who are abiding by the health guidelines and recommendations by governments. The same goes for the workers, who may struggle to find opportunities due to various conditions making the supply and demand for labor almost impossible. While professionals are seeking work and there is work to be done, there needs to be a system to facilitate the supply and demand.

Bridge ‘bridges’ the gap between the two and provides a secure way to enable freelance work.

It is a great way to find professionals to do simple tasks like cleaning and laundry, to tasks that can help small businesses grow, like logo design and website design. Large companies can also use this service to scale their workforce by hiring virtual assistance and on-field agents. The COVID-19 crisis is forcing many businesses and professionals to learn and adapt to new world order. A post-COVID-19 world that will focus on remote work. We believe that a service like this can be invaluable in a world that is changing and adapting to a new way of working.


The creators of Bridge state:

“The B-VIP – NaijaHacks incubation program has been impacting us as a company. We have received consistent and dedicated support to help our company succeed. We are a supportive and energetic community of founders. Bridge wouldn’t be what it is today without the dedication and hard work of the founding team comprising of Damilare Ololade, Adebayo Ilerioluwa, and Oluwatobi Anani.

Lastly, we are raising a startup capital of 5 Million Naira ($ 19,000.00CAD), this will provide us with a runway of 6 months and acquire over 7 Million Naira in Revenue. Interested in being part of Bridge as an investor? Check out the contact details on our website.

Haven’t tried Bridge yet? Please visit our website:




Damilare Ololade –

Adebayo Ilerioluwa –

Oluwatobi Anani –  ”







Francesco Petrache

Francesco Petrache

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