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BIOVISION Catalyser & Investor

BIOVISION Catalyser & Investor

Catalyser PitchesLaunched in 2013 , BIOVISION Catalyzer allows innovative projects holders and seed stage start-ups representatives to meet and connect with potential private and public partners. Most importantly, innovative projects to provided with pitching opportunities to investors who participate in the forum.

Why shouldn’t you try your luck for the next forum?

To make sure you are in sync with the preparations for the 13th BIOVISION Forum, you may have to follow the forum on Twitter Handle: @BIOVISIONForum and Facebook Page: @BIOVISIONForum.

As we are all aware, starting up companies is not the easiest jobs. However, with the right partners and the right forum, great networks and potential opportunities for funding are facilitated. From across the world, BIOVISION Forum exhibits opportunities from both the developed world and developing world.

For example, in the video bellow, you will be able to hear a member of the BIOVISION Organizing Committee share their work in relation to showcasing life science projects from the developing world.

Which startups should participate?

Applications are open to innovative projects holders and seed stage startups from the following sectors

  • Medtech
  • Biotech
  • E-Health


Gain Visibility & pitch

  • Pitch in front of an international jury including leading representatives from academia, institutional and private sectors.
  • Winners will be showcased during Biovision’s closing ceremony.

A Forum for Investors as well

Investor Fudrising

In the Forum, there will be investors who are looking for compelling opportunities in terms of creative and innovative projects to fund. Thus, as startups showcase their innovations, investors are also taking turns to analyse the risks in each projects in the form of startups and subsequently, making decisions on which projects to invest in.

Networking & get opportunities

  • Benefit from Biovision’s partnering tools in order to network with multi-stakeholder attendees and explore potential collaborations.
  • Winners of Biovision Catalyzer will automatically be selected to participate in the season 3 of the BigBooster International Acceleration Program.

Debate & share your expertise

  • Be part of the Biovision Prospective paths, challenge, exchange and discuss with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and experts, participate in the ensuing Insight sessions that will lead to Call for Actions on major health issues.

For more information follow BIOVISION FORUM on Facebook and Twitter: @Biovisionforum

Do You Want to Know What the Future of the Medtech, Biotech and E-Health industries hold for You, Our Businesses and Global health?

Do You Want to Know What the Future of the Medtech, Biotech and E-Health industries hold for You, Our Businesses and Global health?

From the 4th – 6th April, in the Lyon City of France, the 12th Forum of the global health experts and key stakeholders from the academia, public, private and nongovernmental sector will once again convene together under one roof for the twelfth time to discuss the emerging global health issues and to shape the agenda for future trends. This event is called BIOVISION-The World’s Life Sciences Forum.

In the previous forum, some of the very contentious issues like the future of vaccines, digital patient, cancer and its causes, disruptive innovations in the global health arena and many more. From the private sector perspective, we could tap into the resolutions of this forum by identifying those game changing trends and learning how we can apply them into our new or existing businesses.

Listen to what Prof James Barlow, from Imperial College Business School says about the 2014 BIOVISION and disruptive innovation.

From the business and entrepreneurial perspective, this is an event that will help us to understand what the future holds in our respective businesses sectors both existing and potential start-ups.

  1. So, what if I was an existing business?

From an existing business perspective, one would want to know how the global health emerging issues affect our current business strategies and what innovations, technologies, trends are pertinent to the business we are involved into.

So, if you want to keep up with the business of the day and shape the future or strategize to become an industry’s leader, you don’t want to miss the sequence of the events in this year’s BIOVISION Forum.

  1. How about if I were a potential start-up?

Well, at BizSkills Academy we do believe that great business ideas live with us and among us. They are never too far from our daily reality. So, if you are looking for that next breakthrough, that industry disrupting potential business idea in the near future in the Medtech, Biotech and e-Health industries; then why look any further than this event? As you read this post, you are now aware that the event is on and the dates are clearly the 4th to the 6th April 2017… you can follow the special hashtags and the event from the comfort of your home or office.

  1. Then, what if I were a financial institution

For financial institutions, there is more than one reason to follow this event. If you support new businesses, start-ups, inventions and the people behind exceptional business ideas then this is your event to watch and catch-up with what is happening in the in the Medtech, Biotech and e-Health sectors.

If you are an insurance company or work with insurance companies, then you have got to know how the next five years emerging technologies and ideas in the Medtech, Biotech and e-Health will affect your business, and possibly start thinking of new competitive strategies at the insurance policy and marketing level.

Finally, with all the great minds convening at the 12th BIOVISION Event, to us at BizSkills Academy, we see this as being all business and at the interest of businesses both today and tomorrow. Do you agree? Share your thoughts.

Special Hashtags to follow on twiter are: #Biovision #lifescience #ehealth #medtech #biotech


For more information visit:

Twitter: @BIOVISIONForum

Facebook: @biovisionForum



Are You Interested in the Biotech, Medtech and E-health Industries?

Are You Interested in the Biotech, Medtech and E-health Industries?

BIOVISION 2017 is taking place from the 4th to the 6th April in Lyon – France, bringing together This year, the forum will welcome major players from the health sector representing each step of the value chain (research, innovation, partnerships and finance) with the goal of arriving at concrete solutions to existing and future health issues.

Watch this YouTube video of of Christope Dercamp, Phd; the Director General giving insights into the importance of BIOVISION, The World Life Science Forum. from this video, you will get to understand the importance of this forum and hopefully, you will be able to follow it on the above mentioned dates.


as seen in the above video, BIOVISION is a special event, which brings together all key stakeholders in global health from the academia to the private sector. This forum’s deliberations serve three main cornerstones well curated to ensure that the forum reaches its goals. Those cornerstones are Prospective, Catalyser and Investor. They are discussed bellow: 


ProspectiveA meeting place for stakeholders in global health in the following areas:

  • Global medical education & training
  • Digital health and innovation for sustainable healthcare
  • Emerging viral diseases
  • Animal health
  • Cancer
  • Innovative technologies and science of metagenomics to reach ONE HEALTH




A springboard for innovators in the fields of Biotech, Medtech and e-health may hold the solutions to the health issues of today and tomorrow. Biovision is committed to discovering these individuals, supporting them by putting their ideas in the spotlight, and placing them on the fast track towards the fulfillment and realization of their work.



InvestorThe intersection of health start-ups and venture capital, which is the Biovision INVESTOR accelerates the fundraising process of Biotech, Medtech and e-health start-ups by putting them in direct contact with potential business and development partners. Selected from a pool of applicants by a special committee, start-ups with the greatest potential to offer innovative health solutions will present their pitches during the Biovision forum in front of a jury comprised of leading European private and corporate investors in the life sciences.

For more detailed information about BIOVISION and The 12th Forum taking place in Lyon – France, please visit the BIOVISION webiste bellow:

Donn’t hesitate to get in touch with us in case you may need more information regarding this event.