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No need to use a calculator or an excel sheet again! Designed and recommended for all early stage entrepreneurs who are planning to start data collection as they start developing their business plans from our service. Clients using this services have an opportunity to try all their business plans hypothesis and assumptions. This provides them with an opportunity to get the best business plan possible and can also get easily understandable and customisable data to prepare their pitching presentations or to a concise one page elevator pitch using such data. Every change in the information about the business can be incorporated on the go and status results are immediate.

Remember all your information is exportable in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and PDF by the click of a button. So, while designing this service, we had you in mind. We mainly wanted to make sure that every business planning process becomes simple, and gives the business owner time to do not only understand their business in a more customisable approach but also get the best out of the time and quality of information available to them.

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