CodeMade Team, the First NaijaHacks 2019 Team to Win the BizSkills Academy Inc.’s Prize. How Did that Happen?

CodeMade Team, the First NaijaHacks 2019 Team to Win the BizSkills Academy Inc.’s Prize. How Did that Happen?

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“I am going to narrate the story of our team’s experience, how BizSkills became instrumental in the process and how we emerged victorious, as the first team to win the BizSkills Academy Inc. (BizSkills) prize of the day” – says Ridwan Idowu, the team leader. The remaining of the three-team members and their perspectives on this process and experience are also shared below.




This is what transpired when the CodeMade team (CodeMade) was announced the winner of a live online contest organized by BizSkills at the ongoing NaijaHacks 2019. NaijaHacks is the largest hackathon organized on the African continent, designed to help students and young people develop and exhibit tech-related solutions in a span of two weeks. On the 17th December 2019, NaijaHacks will host Demo Day! So, stay tuned in!

Yes, I will explain everything… please take a cup of coffee like the hackathon participants and enjoy this story.

it was an early morning that day when I saw the press release for NaijaHacks 2019. I quickly read through and made the decision to apply immediately. A few weeks later, I was accepted in the hackathon, then, the reality of team building immediately became a mandatory exercise.”


The hackathon is organized in a manner that every participant is expected to form a team made up of a maximum of four members, and once you have a team, then the journey begins. CodeMade started with three members at first. “We allocated ourselves tasks soon after, as a team leader, I realized that something was missing in our team… a data analyst was needed amongst us.

So, I quickly opened my account on BizSkills and then I started with the course called “building your team course.” Its first module is called finding incredible team members. Once I finished the modules, I started looking for other potential team members from the pool of existing hackathon participants who had the skill set that we were lacking. We managed to identify a female team member who was also the best Data Analyst for our project.” says Ridwan Idowu


As we assigned the team’s tasks, we always ensured that all members were at the same level before assigning new tasks… this made it possible for every member of the team to see themselves at par with the rest of the team. We became a solid team and we made sure we all finished all the courses assigned to us, as well as starting all the work required for our project”

Yes, “Charity begins at home and ends where it begins”. I didn’t know that all the things we were doing in our group were incorporated from the BizSkills Academy Training session which later led us to be crowned winners of a whopping cash prize of $25, on Monday evening.



Fast forward, as Napolean Hill said, “It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” That glorious Monday morning on the BizSkills’ Slack channel, there was a couple of other team members who were posting the challenges they are going through due to security measures taken by the platform to limit IP addresses that seem malicious, something struck my mind that day. It seemed multiple attempts while login in or congested IPs caused a few challenges to participants.



I asked myself, “Is this not a visible problem that needs a solution as a hackathon objective itself?” So, I took time to engage some participants and I learned that it was happening to people who were using the same IP addresses or who have logged in multiple times, and I realized the challenge has something to do with IP access. So, I worked with my team and we found a solution to help other participants.


This experience will linger on my memory for a long time to come. This is because I saw the spirits of team building in every aspect of our team dynamics while dealing with small and special projects or dealing with crises as we work on our projects. The stages of the team formation process and strategies used to navigate each stage were also handy. The application of what we were learning, thanks to NaijaHacks to organize to do the BizSkills courses way before we started our projects helped because we were able to undertake a course based on the progress of our team’s project.  Hence, we followed instructions being given to the hackathon’s participants to the point where our team was crowned the winners for the Monday 9th, 2019 cash prize.

we appreciate the prize because it came in handy at the time, we needed to purchase a few templates to help solve some challenges we were experiencing as a team.


At BizSkills Academy Inc. we are excited to see participants go through an average of three courses in less than 32 hours! This was an exception!

Moreover, we are learning first hand from many participants, one of them, Ridwan Idowu CodeMade team leader express the satisfaction with our courses and share how he has been able to apply them, there is nothing more rewarding as a content and course creator than reading the experience of this team and their ability to help others. Remember, together we are always stronger. Individually, we are always weaker. BizSkills appreciates the initiative and solution mindset shown by CodMade team and we can’t wait to see the solution they develop in the course of this hackathon. See you on the 17th, December! On demo day!




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