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Entrepreneur Spotlight

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Solange TENGU, Co-Founder and Community Manager Kids’ Hall of Talents Foundation

Solange Tengu is a social entrepreneur working in the field of quality management, training and brand strategy. As a self-starter in a country that faces many challenges, Solange finds herself multitasking and getting involved in solving challenges in her community through web and graphic design, public speaking, food safety, and customer service. She is going to share with us, her experience on the BizSkills platform and some of the courses she enjoyed most.

Earlier this year, I was able to participate in the World Youth skills day offered by Impact Bridges Africa. The prize included a free voucher at BizSkills Academy. It has been a remarkable experience and the platform has broadened my perspective and ideas. More so I am enjoying interacting with other entrepreneurs who are learning similar concepts.

As Albert Einstein said, there is only one road to human greatness, through the school of hard knocks. So far the school of hard knocks has been my entrepreneurship journey, learning how to solve challenges, facing huge difficulties along the journey and overcoming such challenges. BizSkills was very instrumental while helping me to go through some of the challenges I was going through. Mainly because the content I was able to access on BizSkills is not the same as the concepts I was exposed to whilst in university, and the approach is completely different. I will soon explain why.

“Subscribing to BizSkills is the best gift I have had this year and the timing was just perfect.”

To me, doing the growth mindset course on BizSkills has been a life-changer. It has helped me to understand who I am as an entrepreneur, situations in which I find myself approaching some of my business’ challenges with a fixed or entrepreneurial mindset and strategies to use to cope with them. It has indeed helped me to make sense of my challenges, devise strategies on how to overcome them, and what was a growing list of challenges is now reducing and some of them have become a list of opportunities within the context of my community and the businesses that I have started.

I have been able to reassess my challenges, the diversity, and synergies among the businesses and projects I am working on with a different mindset due to the growth mindset course on BizSkills.

The other course I have so far engaged with is the one on how to build my team. This course is also helping to re-evaluate how I work with both my business partners as well as the way we cooperate as members of our cooperative. Our team dynamics are getting better, thanks to the exercises and approaches suggested in the modules.

Entrepreneurs should always let the wheel roll forward (operating at a higher level) while still fully engaged in their original business idea. The million-dollar question is, how should they do that?


More on Solange Tengu

Solange Tengu is a 2016 graduate with a master’s degree in Quality Management and Control from the National School of Agro-industrial Sciences (ENSAI); University Of Ngaoundere-Cameroon experience in social entrepreneurship. Also currently the Co-Founder & the Community Manager of the Kids’ Hall of Talents Foundation, a charity that identifies, builds and promotes skills and talents in less privileged teens and preadolescent children.

Solange is also the founding member and leader of a co-operate group, Ess.BE Ltd. The cooperative mission focuses on helping young businesses to improve the quality of their products and services. Specifically, Solange develops training content on food safety and she delivers the training programs to the employees who work in new companies. She has an ambitious vision, which is “zero death as a result of food-related illnesses in Africa.”

Solange on Facebook and Solange on LinkedIn

Photos are from unsplash: Johannes Plenio – coolfreepix.com and Manuel Cosentino @manucosen

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