Hackathons: A Recent BizSkills Academy Event In Partnership With NaijaHacks

Hackathons: A Recent BizSkills Academy Event In Partnership With NaijaHacks

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From Lagos, Nigeria…

Hackathons have been in our horizons in recent months. A critical assessment of hackathon space demonstrated an opportunity for our business. The majority of the solutions developed in hackathons end with each hackathon event.

Organizers and participants are happy to organize such events to showcase talents. Just a few lucky participants plan to transform their respective ideas into potential solutions. After this discovery, we first started developing our own hackathon concepts. We quickly learned that it is an entirely new and different business altogether. So, we started engaging a few hackathon organizers to establish strategic partnerships, which are mutually beneficial to all parties.


We had never been so lucky!

NaijaHacks is Africa’s largest hackathon. The hackathon is organized from Lagos, Nigeria. NaijaHacks was looking for an incubation partner as well. So, we started working on a partnership framework immediately, and the hackathon took place from the 7th – 17th of December.
NaijaHacks’s focus was on building solutions for education, housing, job creation, and citizen safety.

To hear more about the hackathon, watch this short video: https://youtu.be/XacW7UQfFno


CodeMade, a new way to revolutionize how teachers teach…

CodeMade Team – EdTech

CodeMade was one of the teams that participated in NaijaHacks 2019. It comprised of 4 members. CodeMade has already been identified as one of the winning teams that want to incubate their projects through BizSkills Academy. One of these participants in this team, Adeyinka John from Osun state, who is also a high school student described his experience with BizSkills Academy as being “BizSkills has been one of the greatest influences in my life, personally…”
Adeinka’s description of his experience is the very reason we are involved in this social enterprise business. He validated BizSkills Academy’s vision, which is designed to empower young people, right where they live, so that they become change agents in their own communities. Join us in congratulating John Adeyinka, and his teammates, Ibrahim Ridwan, Ndane Ndazhaga, Idowu Ridwan (not present during the demo day event) on their success.

We will share more about all the remaining teams in the coming months. And we will continue to update you on the progress of the teams that will participate in the incubation program through our partnership with NaijaHacks.

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