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12- Simple steps for Achieving Your Business Potential

Well guided by our experts at every level from the comfort of your school, home or work.

More Information on Each Step:

1. Requirements:

  • Business Idea: Our system handles any business idea you are interested in.
  • English listening ability is mandatory. However, the system allows you to work with a language of your choice.
  • Ability to follow instructions and fill forms: You don’t need to be an accountant or financial expert, any person at any level who is able to work with forms will successfully produce a great business plan

2. Decide on which plan to buy

  • We have different plans based on how ready you are. A person who has all the information can finish his or her business plan in less than 24 hours. Regarding the service plans, if you have worked with business plans before and you have done the market research for your business idea, we advise you to buy the one month plan. Alternatively, if you have never worked on a business plan before, and you have enough time to work on your plan beyond one month (especially collecting and testing data as you develop your plan), then we advise you to consider other options beyond one month.

3. Pay for the plan of your choice

  • Use a credit or debit card or PayPal to pay for our services. If you are unable to use these methods, get in touch with our team, they will be able to advise you on how to make an alternative payment.

4. Follow the email instructions sent to your inbox to log in our system

  • After you pay for the service of your choice, we will send you a confirmation email with specific instructions to follow to setup your account on the system.

5. Customize your business data

  • Customization of your account is possible, and this is based on the business sector you are interested in. For example, the taxable income rate applicable to that business sector in the country where you will establish your business; our system takes into account such information and uses it to help you create a business plan that is in sync with your business operating environment.

6. Work on your investment plan section which feeds financial statements’ data

  • This section considers all the costs necessary to have your business fully setup and running sustainably. We help you translate all your market research information into a compact and well-structured investment plan for your business.
  • In addition, we help you to work on your products setup and forecasting for a period of five years considering industry’s consumption trends.
  • All this information is used to automatically produce financial statements for your business and all data analysis
7. Understand what your financial statements data mean to your business
  • Here’s how our system works; you don’t need to have any accounting skills to develop financial statements like cash flow, income statement, and the balance sheet. The system has been setup to handle all these for you, generating your own data. However, the 10% work done at this level is to help you to understand what these financial statements mean to your business and therefore help you to make important decisions about your business.
8. Understand what your financial statements data mean to your business
  • Once again, we help you to understand what the ratio analysis information about your business means so that you critically review the costs, profitability, ownership and debt requirements of your business. This helps you to work backward, giving you the opportunity to edit some areas in your financial information, enabling you to have a business plan that reflects the reality of your financial status (savings, pledged cash, shareholders and debts) and the environment you are setting it up from.

9. Model your financial plan information into one of our templates (Short/ Long Version)

  • As seen in the template section of our website, we have two versions of business plans: the long business plan, which is done by entrepreneurs who want to critically review and develop a comprehensive business plan including concrete business strategies, and then there is a short version for entrepreneurs who are quickly looking for a complete business plan, which is however not that detailed. The same applies to pitches and the choice is all yours.

10. Edit, and print every section of your work how and when you want

  • Our system is user-friendly and allows you to edit your data as often as possible and as much as you want without any restrictions. Each time you want to test a hypothesis or an assumption; you are at liberty to do this as often as you want.
  • The system allows you to also print in excel, word, PDF and JPEG, PNG etc. The printing options will be availed based on the type of data you are printing. Printed data is also editable out of the system.
  • You are free to consult us through a ticket system directly from the system and we will get back to you via your email.

11. Throughout this process, our experts are readily available to help

  • We have a ticket system from the system where you send questions and seek clarification if needed and our experts provide you with prompt feedback.