Invest In Yourself – A Pilot Project

Invest In Yourself – A Pilot Project

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Invest In Yourself 

A pilot project to help Selected individuals on Ontario Works’ financial & employment assistance (City of Kingston) become self-sufficient.  The project was conceived as an initiative that brought together four different partner organizations.

The official launch:


Who are the partners?

Ontario Works, St. Lawrence College, Shopify, and BizSkills Academy teamed up to develop the concept of the project in a creative and innovative manner to ensure that participating individuals get all the support they need to either become entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs. The pilot project was designed to explore approaches and models which can help individuals who are receiving financial assistance from Ontario Works achieve self-sustainability. At the end of the project, the four partners will evaluate what has been achieved, learn form the project, and decide if they would like to do it again.


How long is the program

Invest In Yourself is a six-month pilot project that involved 16 participants from the Kingston, Ontario community. The project is set to end in January 2020. The project started by selecting a few individuals based on the ideas and challenges they have, and their individual desire to work themselves out of financial assistance to self-sustaining. So, the partners in the project had to design unique programs to help them improve both their entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial skills, as well as their mindset. Other local institutions like the City of Kingston and Kingston Economic Development Corporation provide supportive services and programs to help the project become a success.

Participants get services from four strategic partners i.e. BizSkills Academy, Shopify Local, St. Lawrence College and Kingston Economic Development Corporation.

We will be providing more information regarding the outcome of this initiative in the next issue of our newsletter.




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