Blog 1 – Lessons Learnt During the Queen’s University 2018 QICSI Program

Blog 1 – Lessons Learnt During the Queen’s University 2018 QICSI Program

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My Surprisingly Greatest Summer!

This past summer, I was selected to participate in the Queen’s Innovation Center Summer Initiative (QICSI) program as an Individual. This is how I met Norman, the founder of BizSkills Academy Inc. By the end of the summer, I was part of this great company, set up to serve a very worthy cause, equipping young graduates with an alternative option, over and above seeking employment, empowering them to create their own jobs – transforming them into their own bosses.

Joining BizSkills Academy Inc. was just a tip of the iceberg. What I learned from this program completely changed my mindset, even my perception of and approach to life in general. We all live in our own bubbles indeed.

In this blog series, I and our co-founder will discuss the top three lessons, each one of us learned this 2018 summer.

A Bit About my Background

My name is Amey Zhang. I came from a normal middle-class Chinese family, where both of my parents worked 9-5. My goal always was finding a decent job and living the way my parents do. I used to feel that an entrepreneur is a genius that always comes up with great ideas.

I didn’t think about starting my own company because I don’t think of myself as a creative person or as someone who has the capability to create a business from zero. I used to think that some people were born to be entrepreneurs as they were born smart and passionate, risk takers and many more other attributes!

It turns out that I was wrong. The entrepreneurial spirit is a skill like driving or cooking, a skill that can be learned, sculpted and improved.

What Do You Know About the HBDI?

The first thing I learned in the summer is about having a growth mindset. The first day of the boot camp, all the cohorts did the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) assessment. It is true that everybody has a different brain, and our brain dominance leads us to think from a different perspective and make us better at one thing than the other.

However, there is no evidence that entrepreneurs have a specific pattern on the brain profile. People could be completely red or blue or they can be a double dominate, triple dominate or full brain. No profile is better than the other. Entrepreneurial success is about how to optimize your own strengths and build empathy with others. You create your own path. You identify your own team in your organization or company. So, you have more control than you think, but first, you must believe that you indeed have that control.

Successful entrepreneurs come from completely diverse backgrounds and have different brain dominance.  Having a growth mindset let me realize that even if you don’t have a skill, it can be learned and improved. Introverts can have excellent public speaking skills.

We can always improve our skills by learning from others, by practicing repeatedly. It might take you longer to learn a certain thing than some other people do. That’s okay – all you need to know is don’t let your own mindset limit your ability and potential.

To help early stage and potential entrepreneurs learn how to maximize mindset in entrepreneurial activities, this course,, has been designed to help individuals, teams and start-up entrepreneurs learn and practice it, over and over. Enjoy it! We designed it to just help people maximize their mindsets in entrepreneurship.

By Amey Zhang

BizSkills Academy Inc.



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