Startup Spotlight – Wedeydo: “A crowdfunding platform for creatives and innovators”

Startup Spotlight – Wedeydo: “A crowdfunding platform for creatives and innovators”

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  By Francesco Petrache | May 03, 2020

This week, AfricaHacks in partnership with BizSkills are proud to present Wedeydo, a digital crowdfunding platform for African creatives and innovators.



Crowdfunding can be more challenging than most creatives and innovators realize. For many years, Africa’s innovators and content creators struggled to find support and funding to kickstart their projects. But if you look at the rest of the world, there has been a boom in crowdfunded projects. Furthermore, many African professionals are extremely creative, but lack the resources they need to genuinely harness the opportunities available to them. If there were a strong, stable, and secure platform to help kickstart African business creative and innovative projects, many upcoming innovators and creatives could take advantage of this growing trend.


There were 6,455,080 worldwide crowdfunding campaigns last year.
With 17.2 billion generated yearly through crowdfunding in North America alone, Statista projects a compound annual growth rate of 14.7% for the next four years” –  Maddie Shepherd,


In addition to monetary gain, crowdfunding strategies bridge the gap between the consumer and the brand. This helps strengthen the trust, credibility, and market awareness of the brand in question. And regardless of whether it’s a personal content creator, a business, or an agency, these strategies bring countless opportunities; for example: partnerships, sales, and investment opportunities. In short, thanks to the communication between the contributors, creatives and innovators, one can implement a better, stronger investment plan.

Additionally, following the recent rise in digital payment solutions in Africa, many companies have taken advantage of these options. Namely, to build personal finance, loan, savings, investment, and banking startups.

Wedeydo channels this growth to support creatives and innovators.


Meet Ovie Paul-Ejukorlem, founder and creator of Wedeydo. He is a young Nigerian who is passionate about creating and implementing innovative solutions. Coupled with a keen interest in strategy, he’s applied his knowledge and experience to the different fields he worked in. These include business, animation, consulting, branding, digital marketing, and fintech.

“I strategize, write, draw, design, animate, code, and ideate. In addition, I believe leveraging technology is one of the best ways to improve businesses & quality of life.
This way, I dedicate my strategy, business, and creative skills to enable others to thrive. Regardless of whether it’s people, enterprises, or even the environment.” – Ovie Paul Ejukorlem, Founder and CEO of Wedeydo

But to understand the heart of this business, you must first understand the connection between its founding members. Namely, Ovie’s relationship with his business partners has been a strong bond. A bond that is still thriving for more than 8 years. Oghenero, a brother. Modupe, a friend with whom he’s worked and studied together for many, many years. And together, they’ve worked on many projects including 2019’s GDD AJah and Naijahacks Hackaton.

In other words, their work is the culmination of 8 years of effort. And in particular, Wedeydo brings a solution to many startups, innovators, and content creators.


“As creatives and innovators ourselves, we know just how challenging it is to secure funds to scale up a business venture.
We noticed the gap that many African creative professionals face. It is a significant obstacle compared to the rest of the world, due to their location. Some of the more popular services like Kickstarter simply don’t provide support and access to African creatives.
Because of that, we decided to step in and create an avenue for this.” – Wedeydo

Additionally, by creating a medium where creatives can find support from backers, Wedeydo builds the foundation for the future; a foundation for many who would otherwise never see their dreams come to fruition. With the proper support, this company will become a pillar for the next generation. A way to bring African projects to the next level. And a way to expose them to the world at a scale never seen before.

It’s in this partnership with Bizskills and NaijaHacks that they are growing to the next stage. Through the entire incubation process, they have proven that this dream is more than just an ambition. Through hard work and dedication, their platform is evolving closer and closer to the implementation level. And day by day, Wedeydo grows into an authority in crowdfunding and kickstarting enterprises.

To emphasize, Bizskills CEO Norman Musengimana asserts the following. Through their work and execution as part of BizSkill’s B-VIP incubation program, the Wedeydo team has exceeded every expectation.

“We train, mentor, evaluate and work with entrepreneurs to help them get to the right product-market fit. Wedeydo has been showing improvements week in, week out. This is a company that is directly offering an alternative funding option for creative and innovative African creators and minds. In doing this, this company is also providing a new medium for people from other parts of the world to expend their goodwill towards Africa.

This upcoming platform will be able to support the success stories of some of the best projects coming out of Africa.
We are proud to witness the evolution of this initiative into a business, and we are happy that they chose B-VIP and AfricaHacks as their medium of product and market development.”
– Norman Musengimana, BizSkills CEO and founder.

In conclusion, Wedeydo is dealing with creatives and funding; two things the world can’t get enough of – especially in today’s day and age. We see Wedeydo playing a vital role in the sprout of innovation across Africa over the next decade. Their solution may extend across various industries, or pivot to complimentary services such as a market place to connect creatives. The possibilities are endless.

And in a time when enterprises need every ounce of support they can get; this week’s B-VIP winner couldn’t be more appropriate.

And now, a message from Wedeydo’s founders:

“Wedeydo is a crowdfunding platform for African creatives and innovators. Think about it as a Kickstarter for Africa. We were spurred to start this project because of the numerous projects we see failing around us. Projects that could be turned into a global success, die prematurely because they can’t secure funding. Wedeydo has made a commitment to changing this phenomenon. The rise in digital payment solutions in Africa brings a rise in new and innovative ways of contributing to such projects. We want to help creative and innovative minds in Africa and establish our platform as a source of opportunity and success for others.”

“As creatives and innovators, we know that this opportunity can mean the world for our African brothers and sisters.”

Until now, Wedeydo’s founders have been planting the seeds to develop their company. And needless to say, their efforts are flourishing, as the platform is growing beyond expectations. Currently, the company is raising a fund of $ 25,000.00 CAD. Following the next six months, they plan to finalize the web development of their platform. They would also incorporate a competitive I.T. service, and strengthen their online infrastructure. Thus, ensuring a platform that can stand proudly, and support African new and potential creatives to secure crowdsourced funding from all over the world.

This will pave the way for developing robust operations and business development strategies. Strategies that can be implemented all over the continent. All while helping the company’s beta solution become the leading kickstarting service in the country. Lastly, they are making sure that they incorporate a strong sales and marketing strategy. One that will take their service to the next stage.

Looking to invest or partner up with a growing, expanding business and lay the groundwork for countless new content creators? If you seek to help your community in a meaningful way or help bring African business to the next level, contact us. We are always looking to establish strong, mutual, and reliable business connections and relationships.

Our contact details have been shared at the bottom of this post and on our website down below.”

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Francesco Petrache

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