• Great service to start your business. Easy to use even to an amateur in business and financial planning like me.
    Grateful to have found this website.


    Guille A. León



  • pitch deck, elevator pitch and pitching

    Bizskills Academy has developed a powerful tool I would recommend to any person who would like to enjoy the process of achieving his or her potential business dream. This tool helped me to discover a big chunk of the hidden costs in my business, as I worked on my financial plan. It is
    easy to use, with printable information in MS Word, Excel and PDF. There were videos which explained how to go about the different stages in the process as well.

  • Before I found out about BizSkills Academy, I had so much
    difficulties putting together everything I needed to start up my business; the
    business plan, break-even analysis, the capital to put together to invest in the
    business, income statement and my business’ cash flow.
    I spent hours on google trying to figure out how to go about it. I tried templates,
    excel spreadsheets and many more, but none of those made sense to my business.
    BizSkills Academy made it so easy. I had awesome guiding videos more like my
    personal mentors, who took me through every single process I needed to do and what
    every information means to my business.
    The process has been organized based on the process start-ups should work on the
    business plan and financial information, making it very easy and and it gave me a
    lot of tips on how to get started. In other words, the platform had all the
    information I needed and was well structured. There were charts and graphs that made
    it easy to understand and also made my life very easy while integrating them in my
    business plan, power-point presentations and so on.
    The platform made it easy for me to set my next goal of raising finance and I have
    achieved about 60% of my goal, still going on though. I know I will succeed. Now I
    spend less googling and more time working on my business. Thank you so much. I would
    recommend this to everyone especially those who are potential start-ups businesses.

    Raquel P.

    United States

  • Today I’m running my own advertising agency, thanks to BizSkills Academy.

    To be honest I had never assigned value to a business plan until I worked through BizSkills Academy’s approach.

    After going through the BizSkills Academy business plan development process I did not only get a full business plan, but also I got to understand that I am actually working on my business’ strategy as
    well. “Everything was there and ready for me”. My step-by-step guide to setting up a successful
    start-up and scaling it up into a potential successful business. Great businesses don’t happen by accident indeed.

    I got the support and guidance I needed and before I knew it, my financial plan was ready with graphs an charts of my business’ data. I quickly was guided into modelling it into a comprehensive business plan. It is all practical in nature and having done all this by myself, I understood how to tweak everything to get my business to achieve its goals.

    Now, my business plan is a living document I consult for business proposals, getting partners and recruitment of the right employees for my business. It has basically become the road-map to running my business.

    Thank you

    Sergio Dipp


  • business planning, pitch deck and elevator pitch

    Excellent system and approach for startups, very informative, easy going while using it and
    provide great results taking into account the business and the country in which the business is located. Highly recommended!

    Ejaz Ayub


  • I am a new budding entrepreneur who is looking to establish my business in the field of IT and training. I was looking for co-founders and a business loan. So, I was looking for ways to demonstrate my my business prospects to them. But, as it is with all first-time entrepreneurs it was a tough task figuring everything out on my own. So, I embarked on an exhaustive search on Uncle Google.

    One day I was just surfing the web for some help on a business planning and pitching, and I came across this site called www.bizskillsacademy.com. Going through the site, especially the blog and services section I was convinced they have what I need and decided, I will try their services and see what happens. It really changed my business and in a way my prior view of how I was planning to do things.

    To be honest till now, I had never thought I can write my own business’ business plan, having not studied business or accounting related courses. I was surprised by how BizSkills Academy made the process so simple. Can you follow instruction on filling a form? If you can fill a form being guided by someone, then this is how easy the process has turned out to be, however, you retain all the skills required to setup and scaling up your business.
    Surprising enough though, in one component about pitching, they talked about getting the best employees by pitching them! I didn’t know that you get the best employees by pitching them about the business and why they need to be part of the vision of the business!
    Today, when I look back I realize I have really improved as a person and as an entrepreneur thanks to the BizSkills Academy’s team.
    For all budding businessman and entrepreneurs out there I would really like to recommend the BizSkills Academy for understanding the nuances of start-ups.
    Thank you so much for everything and hope we continue to work together on my future projects.


    Dhruv Bhattacharya


  • Sam Dayo


  • A great tool for entrepreneurs with no previous experience in finance. I truly believe using this tool will save entrepreneurs’ time and money since their investment plans, financial plans’ information will be organised and readily made by themselves.

    Claudia Sumbo

    United Kingdom