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Startup Costs & Financial Modeling

Startup Costs & Financial Modeling

This course will guide every user on the process of collecting, organizing and recording their startup costs. Helping to understand and work on which costs are categorised in which section and why. Giving them practical examples on how it works.

It also provides guidance on financial planning and forecasting, helping the users to complete all financial statements, graphs and charts. It also gives the user guidance on how to make decisions based on the information they see in the financial statements.

Customer Analysis and Profiling

Customer Analysis and Profiling

The course will help everyone to start researching and putting together data about potential clients and putting those clients into categories.

It will guide every participant to build their own customer personas in the target market,
and equip them with strategies on how to identify the best customer persona to focus the process of product development in partnership with.

Fixed Versus Growth Mindset in Entrepreneurship

Fixed Versus Growth Mindset in Entrepreneurship

It helps users to understand approaches to how our mindsets deal with status quo. Its effects to the our nimbleness to challenge the status quo, how this relates to entrepreneurial decision making and execution. It provides the user with steps on how to move from fixed to growth mindset, and how to motivate our mindsets to allows approach things from a growth mindset perspective.

What Can We Learn from Travis Kalanick Time at Uber? Beware! the Lack of a Coherent Organizational Culture Can Kill a Company.

What Can We Learn from Travis Kalanick Time at Uber? Beware! the Lack of a Coherent Organizational Culture Can Kill a Company.

A few weeks ago, we all woke up to the news of Mr. Travis Kalanick having finally resigned from Uber’s responsibilities citing difficulties in his personal life. As you might be aware, just a few weeks after appointing the former US attorney general to investigate issues going at Uber and a few days after taking an indefinite leave from his CEO duties at the company he founded. After such developments, most of us thought that the company was going to stabilize and finally breakaway from the negative stories, which emerged from the company’s string of negative events about some Uber drivers mistreating or violating the rights of the clients and finally, the big story about sexism in the company thanks to none other than Susan Fowler, a former Uber engineer who red-flagged the company for sexism and the nature of power struggle within.

Mr. Kalanick is the co-founder of the peer-to-peer file sharing company Red Swoosh and now, a former CEO of the Uber transportation network. After watching and reading news across several online platforms that Mr. Kalanick had resigned, there was no much surprise due to the manner in which events followed each other, building up one after the other. As a person working with start-up founders on daily basis, I felt a bit concerned about the startup setup struggles, the company creation process and finally, when you are successful; bigger challenges await on the way.

I thought that may be, all promising start-up founders and companies need to be prepared for success in a special way and inline with the way the world has become today. Ideally, as it is today, something is not adding up somewhere in what transpired at Uber and many more other start-ups we have heard about in the past, VC firms in silicon valley and so on. More information has to come to light for the outsiders to real understand what went on inside the company, but also in Silicon Valley now so similar stories are starting to come to light.

As we mentioned above, Uber hired former US Attorney General Eric Holder to probe into allegations of sexism and the power struggle within. He was later adopted by the company as a culture change adviser/ agent, after his report on his findings. This is of course a great effort that must be commended even if it might have happened too late, but at least they took the initiative to do so.

But how did all this happen and get to this point, in this era?

First, when Uber became a successful company the team of employees who worked at the company at the time might have been caught by surprise and it is said that they organized a celebratory event/ party back in 2013, at the head of organization of course there was none other than Mr. Kalanick.

Some articles allege that Mr. Kalanick wrote a letter to the staff detailing cases under which colleagues could be allowed to have sex between themselves, you can find this letter online if you are interested in reading details. However, it is also said that he planned to celibate during the entire event.

As I read the story in the news-outlets today, I kept thinking, “could this letter have been the trigger that got us to the story of the day about the company?”

Success is addictive, but it is also like a very dangerous drug… if abused, it may destroy all the efforts we spend trying to get to that hard-fought success status, which majority of us never get to enjoy anyway, as it is the case today with Mr. Kalanick. This is sad, we see it happen over and over and something must be done about it. Let us hope that agreements, settlements and necessary measures are taken to prevent such incidents from happening, and pave way for the company and Mr. Kalanick to continue to do what they are good at, bringing breakthrough and disruptive innovations to the people who need it the most.

We have seen success destroy Hollywood actors and actress careers, and many more successful people. Most of us be like: “if I were the one in that position, I would have not done this or that….” However, we do forget that it is not happening to us because we are not yet successful. Once successful, you never get to know what that will do to you until it has happened and the endless struggle to dealing with the consequences. Success, if not very well managed is as destructive as a drug, especially with today’s social media, the news flow too fast for anyone no matter how successful or powerful they are to contain it. So, I believe it is better to be preventive rather than being reactionary in strategy.

The curse of young CEOs. Is not a story of today alone!

It appears young CEOs or Start-up Founders continue to go through challenging times earlier in their start-ups corporate careers. Someone reading this email may react like… ohhh no, Mr. Kalanick called for it by the way he managed the company or what was he thinking when he wrote the 2013 celebratory letter to his employees!

The fact is, nobody knows what will strike and how it will strike. It can be triggered by individuals’ mistakes, lack of experience or from outside the company. Whichever way, we don’t have to wait until something goes wrong. In the case of Uber, one could tell that something is about to go up in flames. Do you remember those stories about Uber drivers’ sexual harassment and assaults to passengers? I tend to think that for the torch to beam its light towards Uber, those stories played a very huge role. It started from outside the company until something was red flagged at the heart of the company itself. When something is cooking, you can always smell the rock in the vicinity! At this time, if I were a successful startup, I would start looking at what is cooking in my own kitchen.

However, we all have a duty to put in place preventive policies and measures, consultative forums and so on in an effort to create an open, fair and conducive culture in our companies. One thing that keeps failing these companies, is to fail to take action from the very first reported reported incident. I wish something could be improved at that level.

Unfortunately, we never get to know the true reality as the outside audience, we will only get to learn different facades to every core story but not the actual reality. Evidently whether you are a great CEO or a Great Founder/ co-founder; I do believe it is about time potential successful start-ups’ owners, thought of seeking professional help that is completely different from the people they surround themselves with in the board or among directors of the company.

This is not to say that directors are not trust worthy, they are members of the board because they are fully trusted and it is believed they add huge value propositions to the vision of the company. So, the consultation or involvement of professional services doesn’t imply lack of trust at the board level at all, but rather another layer to help bridge the gap among companies’ leadership and operational structures.

How will that professional service be determined or dealt with by Startups?

Professional services will be hired to simply bridge the information gap at the top of the company’s leadership and what is going on at the different structures or levels of the company, mostly structured to cultivate a culture of openness, fairness, mutual professional respect, detecting issues before it is too late etc.

Such professionals could be hired based on trending challenges and issues in early stage companies or successful start-ups, and they could be put in place just for consultative purposes on what is generally acceptable, professional advise that could be written in the company’s codes of ethics and policies and provide professional advice on how to mitigate long term negative impact to the vision of the company, its leadership structures and the people in the company. Ensuring that top leaders are fully connected and aware of what is going on at the operational level at all time through clear structures which break the walls between low level employees and top leadership.

Today for example, everybody knows that sexism or sexual harassment is an issue that must be taken care of in workplaces, if we are to have conducive and fair work environments to all of us. Another leading issue for example is the gender pay gap. We are all aware that in most countries today, minority communities’ involvement into the corporate growth or decision-making position in companies is another huge issue and so on. Can we track these issues and prevent them from happening before they happen? I believe we can.

It is also important to remember that tracking these issues and embedding them into our policies is not sufficient. A conducive work environment must be cultivated, alarms or reporting mechanism can be facilitated or enhanced and also discuss them periodically to make sure that nobody claims to have been unaware, or for the person feeling harassed or unfairly treated to have an opportunity to air their grievances. This way, we will not wait for five months or five years to hear about such stories, but rather provide an opportunity for red-flagging to work before it becomes detrimental to the company’s vision and its people.

So the question is, should we wait until these issues start happening in our companies and workplace to act on them or should we be proactive and seek that professional guidance/ help, make sure they are embedded into our corporate culture right from the onset rather than later, if you get what I mean… something must be done sooner than later, and the time to act, is to be slightly ahead of the time and deal with such issues on preventive measures rather than reactionary tendencies.

What will happen to both Uber as a company and Mr. Kalanick as an Ex-CEO might now be left to be decisions to be taken by courts. However, recruiting a female CEO will not change the culture and the environment at the company. More is required to create that conducive environment for everyone and whatever they will do, it must be embedded in the company’s organizational culture and values. Or should Mr. Kalanick escape the public for a while and make a return to the company’s management? you never until you know! Anyway; let us wait and see what evolves after resignation of the company’s CEO.

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey and Many More Successful People Apply the 5 Hour Rule, Why Are You and Me Not Able to Do the Same?

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey and Many More Successful People Apply the 5 Hour Rule, Why Are You and Me Not Able to Do the Same?

You will agree with us that the 5-Hour rule is a very simple concept and easy to apply in our professional lifestyles as it in our social lifestyles. However, What is it with the 5-Hour Rule? did these successful people apply it before or after success? This is the problem we find in so many great stories today. They tell one part of the story, in other words, the stories are not complete.


Well we are not just being critical, we also want to learn!

The 5 Hour rule seems to be something easy to do if you are a disciplined person, who knows what you would want to achieve or who has already discovered his or her reason for living (life’s purpose). It is a powerful way to success relying on the willingness of each one of us to deliberately want to learn on how to improve what we do or whatever we want to achieve and deliberately trying out what we have learnt through experiments, being actions and results driven.

Our main problem with all the beautiful stories out there

Now, read every story about this powerful rule, the story will tell you how successful people are applying it to even reach greater success today but, none of the stories tell us when these successful people started applying the rule in their lives. Did they start once they became successful and therefore were more in control of their time and what happens in each day of their lives, thus freeing them time to deliberately learn and experiment what they have learnt? Or was this 5-hour rule part of the process from the ordinary people path, just like you and me today, to the great and successful people they have become? This is what we find to be the problem with the 5-hour rule.

The next thing we find has not been well covered, is the frequency in terms of weeks to which this rule is applied in their lives. Is it on weekly basis or is it only when there is a special project that has caught their attention and they want to focus on that project until it has been successful or proven to be not worth their time.

How do you really make time to do this?

Just imagine yourself as a start-up owner constantly having the time to do all these three simple and easy steps. Most of the people in early stage of entrepreneurship don’t have a minute to do any other thing apart from their startups’ activities. They are constantly drawn into such activities to make that venture a success, depriving them the opportunity to read, learn and experiment any other thing that comes along their paths.

This is why we are very much interested in understanding at what time did a great successful person like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg and many more others successful individuals in the entrepreneurial world start to apply the steps in the 5-hour rule? Was it before they were successful and tried everything possible to make time for this rule’s applicability or was it after they were successful and had the power to control how they spend their time through task delegation for example and therefore enabling them to make time and room for all that is required to work towards success?  once they started applying this rule, did it become the weekly routine way of doing things or is it periodic? We need more details around this and many more aspects of the applicability of this rule into our daily lives to success.

Otherwise, the 5-Hour rule is a genius work, one of the best simple processes that each one of can follow through to success. However, sometimes it is very difficult to understand such simple things because they are only associated with the most successful people, and an ordinary person would be tempted to think that it is almost impossible to apply it in his or her daily life routines. The main challenge to most of the ordinary people like us would be the discipline to stick to the plan, week in – week out (if that is what is required), given the fact that we have limited abilities to control how and where we spend our time every week… or do you think this is one of the reasons why we are not successful? Do you think this is another excuse we use to keep not trying such great strategies to success?

Let us have a conversation about this, your experiences might be different and it is always great pleasure to learn from others. What do you think about this 5-Hour rule so far? It is so simple, each one of us can do it. but why don’t we just do it? Why?

Six Innovative Start-up Companies in the Medtech, E-health, and Biotech Industries Win Their Categories at the 12th Biovision Forum in Lyon – France

Six Innovative Start-up Companies in the Medtech, E-health, and Biotech Industries Win Their Categories at the 12th Biovision Forum in Lyon – France

BizSkills Academy has had the pleasure and honour to be part of the 12th Biovision Forum from the 4th – 6th April 2017 in Lyon – France. This event presents an excellent opportunity to meet and liaise with the best in the global health industry. We have compiled this article to sum up the proceedings at the forum and hopefully, help you to prepare or to convince an entrepreneurial friend who might be interested in health, Biotech and Medtech entrepreneurship industries to take all the necessary steps to be ready for the next year’s forum.

The event has a number of programs going on simultaneously, some spearheaded by partners, and other led by BIOVISION Forum organizers. Thus, the Biovision Forum is an event which is well organized and designed to suit the needs of Medtech, Biotech and E-health start-up companies who are looking to take their innovations to the next level. It is a great event for investors who are equally interested in funding or partnering with the best innovators in these industries. However, the Big Booster program of the event may break this rule, it is open to all start-up companies with great and promising innovations!

First, Mr. Florian Miguet from Clim8

We will start by introducing you to Mr. Florian Miguet one of the big booster participants in 2017.  Mr. Florian Miguet is the CEO and the Co-founder of Clim8, a startup company which produces clothing adaptable to the body temperature requirements at any time and anywhere.

Using the Clim8 Apps both on Android and iOS; a client is able to take control of of the desired body temperature, as well as tracking your exercises and calories. So, with their invented clothing, each one of us will be able to customize his or her unique thermal profile or requirements.

This Mr. Florian Miguet assessment of the BigBooster Program and of his own company after participating in the Boston, USA BigBooster Camp.


For more information about the Clim8 company and the mazing work they are doing, please don’t hesitate to visit their website on:

As you read this article, you will be able to get a glimpse at each start-up company which has won awards in this year’s forum and the kind of innovations, services, and products they have developed or they presented at the forum. You will also have an opportunity to visit each company’s website to have a deeper understanding of what they are doing at the company level, this way, you will be able to know how to prepare your own company’s products, services, innovations for the next Biovision Forum which would take place in 2018, i.e. if you have entrepreneurial ambitions.

Whether a startup company, an academic institution, a non-profit organization with a key focus on global health and an established business, it is paramount you attend the next event. The Biovision forum discusses emerging issues in global health, which are pertinent to the future of all of us. For instance, Artificial Intelligence, the future of vaccines, Oncology; the branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer and many other subjects were judiciously debated by experts and stakeholders at the forum. Of course, you would want to be part and parcel of such discussions in the forum and keep the conversations going past the forum, won’t you?

Secondly, Which Start-ups or Companies Fit into Which Categories in the Forum?

In the Biovision Forum, there is a stage for the main event i.e. the Prospective program. In the Prospective, topics like the future of vaccines, BREXIT, and so many other interesting global health’s crosscutting issues are discussed. Then, there are also breakout sessions for the Catalyser, Investor, and Big Booster programs; which go on simultaneously with the main event. So, you have a variety of interesting conversations to pick from.

Deal MakingThere are also exhibitions spaces for start-ups and partners participating at the forum. If a specific start-up company wants to have private conversations for a prevailing deal-making opportunity, there is space provided for such discussions as well. So, the Biovision forum is a venue to make deals, to expand your network in the industry and above all else to learn from the best in the industry, who convene in Lyon City on annual basis.

The Medtech, Biotech, and E-health start-up companies at different levels have a partner and a friend in the Biovision Forum. Therefore, you must save the date for the 2018 Biovision Forum to be held in Lyon again, from the 17th – 19th April if you are a keen entrepreneur, setting up a company with some impressive breakthrough innovation.

For example, start-up companies seeking first seed capital are a great fit for the catalyser category, essentially still seeking to prove their innovative business models or concepts. The amount of funding sought by such start-up companies in this forum ranged from 300,000 Euros to 1.5 Million Euros.  On the other hand, start-ups who have a readily proven and innovative business models, and are exploring opportunities around commercialisation of their products or services, fit very well into the investor category. Here, such start-up companies get opportunities to meet successful companies who can either acquire their innovations or meet venture capital firms and angel investors who are ready to invest in their businesses. The amount of investment thought in this category ranged from 700,000 Euros to 6 million Euros.

Finally, start-up companies who have working business concepts, prototypes or at least viable products or services and have business set up in one marketplace, for example their home country are a great fit for the Big Booster category. Additionally, these companies may be looking for market expansion opportunities in the international market space; including growing into the European, African, American and recently, the Chinese market.

Big Booster is a high-level international non-profit acceleration program built for start-ups from all business sectors, opening doors to non-Biotech, non-Medtech and non-E-health businesses as well. The program has a special partnership with the City of Lyon in France and Boston in the U.S. So, whatever business sector you are involved with today as a start-up company, Biovision Forum has a category that will suit you perfectly, given your business’ scaling up objectives. Big Booster’s deadline for this year’s applications is set on the 26th Sept 2017, if you are interested, please visit their website. We have shared a link at the end of this article.

So, Which Start-up Companies Emerged Winners and What Do They Do?

In this post, we will cover companies in the Catalyser and the Investor categories, we have already listened to a BigBooster Program participant in the video above, though there were many companies, we will not cover BigBooster in this section. As expressed by the Director of Biovision Mr. Christophe Dercamp; “Biovision has positioned itself around certain key goals: transforming innovative ideas into solutions beneficial to the public, working towards a more connected and patient-centred health, searching for nuggets of knowledge that drive tomorrow’s conversations on the outpost of discoveries of the future.”

If you have a strong interest in the field of Biotech, Medtech and E-health; and you are wondering about which start-up companies emerged the winners, and the kind of products, services or innovations they presented, below you will find a description of each company and a link to their website.

The Catalyser Category Winners

Most innovative project award went to GLYCODELETE

GlyVIB is a life sciences research institute, based in Flanders, Belgium. They perform basic research with a strong focus on translating scientific results into pharmaceutical, agricultural and industrial applications. Visit them on:

Most innovative start-up went to LACLARÉE

Laclaree-logo-RVB_tres_petitTo address current limitations of multifocal lenses, Laclarée proposes a new concept of variable focus eyeglasses, providing clear vision at all distances automatically, and on a large field of view. Based on a proprietary technology, the team is developing eyeglasses perfectly adapted to presbyopes’ vision with no compromise on the aesthetic. Visit them on:

Catalyser committee special award went to OP2LYSIS

Op2lysis-RVB-quadri-01-1OP2LYSIS has developed the first treatment of haemorrhagic stroke, which affects 1.5 M patients every year. Visit them on:

Investor Category Winners

The most promising and innovative Medtech Start-up went to LUMITHERA

logoLumiThera is developing a non-invasive treatment to prevent vision loss in patients with degenerative eye disease. Visit them on:

The most promising and innovative Biotech Start-up went to STEP PHARMA

step-pharma_logo-1Step Pharma is a biotechnology company discovering and developing proprietary small molecule therapeutics for the treatment of auto-immune deceases. Step’s lead program is selective modulators against specific immune cell populations which are the main drivers of auto-immune diseases. Visit them on:

The investor conference selection committee special award went to MENSIA TECHNOLOGIES

Logo_wp_headerMensia Technologies has a product called Koala, which is a home-based non-invasive medical device for the care of ADHD. Visit them on:


When Is the Next Biovision Forum Supposed to Take Place?

The next forum, which will be the 13th Biovision Forum has been planned to take place from the 17th – 19th April 2018 at Lyon – France.

Actions to Be Taken if You Are Interested to Be at Biovision Forum Next Year:

What should you really do to have your company, start-up, new product or innovation set a footprint in this resourceful network at the next Biovision Forum?

Biovision logo GBWe believe the very fast thing you need to do now, is to set your calendar reminder every three months, so you remember to check on Biovision Forum or Big Booster’s social media accounts and website for latest development in terms of procedures and deadlines for applications and so on.

BigboosterThe second thing which is wise to do right now, is to browse through the Biovision Forum website to find out which category that will best suit your start-up company and how you can best prepare yourself to participate or to have your start-up presented at the forum next year.

Social Media Handles: Twitter and Fcabook Handles: @Biovisionforum and @bigboosterorg

BIOVISION Catalyser & Investor

BIOVISION Catalyser & Investor

Catalyser PitchesLaunched in 2013 , BIOVISION Catalyzer allows innovative projects holders and seed stage start-ups representatives to meet and connect with potential private and public partners. Most importantly, innovative projects to provided with pitching opportunities to investors who participate in the forum.

Why shouldn’t you try your luck for the next forum?

To make sure you are in sync with the preparations for the 13th BIOVISION Forum, you may have to follow the forum on Twitter Handle: @BIOVISIONForum and Facebook Page: @BIOVISIONForum.

As we are all aware, starting up companies is not the easiest jobs. However, with the right partners and the right forum, great networks and potential opportunities for funding are facilitated. From across the world, BIOVISION Forum exhibits opportunities from both the developed world and developing world.

For example, in the video bellow, you will be able to hear a member of the BIOVISION Organizing Committee share their work in relation to showcasing life science projects from the developing world.

Which startups should participate?

Applications are open to innovative projects holders and seed stage startups from the following sectors

  • Medtech
  • Biotech
  • E-Health


Gain Visibility & pitch

  • Pitch in front of an international jury including leading representatives from academia, institutional and private sectors.
  • Winners will be showcased during Biovision’s closing ceremony.

A Forum for Investors as well

Investor Fudrising

In the Forum, there will be investors who are looking for compelling opportunities in terms of creative and innovative projects to fund. Thus, as startups showcase their innovations, investors are also taking turns to analyse the risks in each projects in the form of startups and subsequently, making decisions on which projects to invest in.

Networking & get opportunities

  • Benefit from Biovision’s partnering tools in order to network with multi-stakeholder attendees and explore potential collaborations.
  • Winners of Biovision Catalyzer will automatically be selected to participate in the season 3 of the BigBooster International Acceleration Program.

Debate & share your expertise

  • Be part of the Biovision Prospective paths, challenge, exchange and discuss with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and experts, participate in the ensuing Insight sessions that will lead to Call for Actions on major health issues.

For more information follow BIOVISION FORUM on Facebook and Twitter: @Biovisionforum

BIOVISION Prospective

BIOVISION Prospective

In our previous article, we highlighted the three different themes, which will taka place during the 12th BIOVISION Forum in Lyon from the 4th to the 6th April 2017. BIOVISION Prospective, BIOVISION Catalyser and the BIOVISION Investor. This article will mainly focus on BIOVISION Prospective, which is a meeting place for stakeholders in global health leading to ONE HEALTH.

What do partners benefit from participating in the BIOVISION Forum?

Listen to this Mr. Peter Sun from  Shenzhen Beike Bio-Technology – China


ONE HEALTH is “the collaborative effort of multiple disciplines – working locally, nationally, and globally – to attain optimal health for people, animals and the environment” and it will be the main topic for Biovision Prospective.
Biovision Prospective will be divided in 6 paths where an exchange time, bridge meetings between 20 experts and challengers chosen amongst attendees, insights and a delivery of the call for action will take place.
Each path, will have a sub-theme. Global medical education & training, Digital health and innovation for sustainable healthcare, Emerging viral diseases, Animal health, Cancer, Innovative technologies and science of metagenomics to reach ONE HEALTH.


BIOVISION Prospective

The Prospective meetings will facilitate discussions between Biovision participants, international experts and leading figures in global health and prevention throughout the course of four main session focusing on the following paths:

  • Global medical education & training
  • Digital health and innovation for sustainable healthcare
  • Emerging viral diseases
  • Animal health
  • Cancer
  • Innovative technologies and science of metagenomics to reach ONE HEALTH

During each session, twenty to thirty experts will participate and exchange ideas in workshops. Their conclusions will be presented at plenary session and finalized within the Call for action addressed to the international community at Biovision’s closing ceremony.


For more information:

Twitter: @BIOVISIONForum (#Biovision, #digitalhealth #ehealth @mhealth)

Facebook: @biovisionForum




Do You Want to Know What the Future of the Medtech, Biotech and E-Health industries hold for You, Our Businesses and Global health?

Do You Want to Know What the Future of the Medtech, Biotech and E-Health industries hold for You, Our Businesses and Global health?

From the 4th – 6th April, in the Lyon City of France, the 12th Forum of the global health experts and key stakeholders from the academia, public, private and nongovernmental sector will once again convene together under one roof for the twelfth time to discuss the emerging global health issues and to shape the agenda for future trends. This event is called BIOVISION-The World’s Life Sciences Forum.

In the previous forum, some of the very contentious issues like the future of vaccines, digital patient, cancer and its causes, disruptive innovations in the global health arena and many more. From the private sector perspective, we could tap into the resolutions of this forum by identifying those game changing trends and learning how we can apply them into our new or existing businesses.

Listen to what Prof James Barlow, from Imperial College Business School says about the 2014 BIOVISION and disruptive innovation.

From the business and entrepreneurial perspective, this is an event that will help us to understand what the future holds in our respective businesses sectors both existing and potential start-ups.

  1. So, what if I was an existing business?

From an existing business perspective, one would want to know how the global health emerging issues affect our current business strategies and what innovations, technologies, trends are pertinent to the business we are involved into.

So, if you want to keep up with the business of the day and shape the future or strategize to become an industry’s leader, you don’t want to miss the sequence of the events in this year’s BIOVISION Forum.

  1. How about if I were a potential start-up?

Well, at BizSkills Academy we do believe that great business ideas live with us and among us. They are never too far from our daily reality. So, if you are looking for that next breakthrough, that industry disrupting potential business idea in the near future in the Medtech, Biotech and e-Health industries; then why look any further than this event? As you read this post, you are now aware that the event is on and the dates are clearly the 4th to the 6th April 2017… you can follow the special hashtags and the event from the comfort of your home or office.

  1. Then, what if I were a financial institution

For financial institutions, there is more than one reason to follow this event. If you support new businesses, start-ups, inventions and the people behind exceptional business ideas then this is your event to watch and catch-up with what is happening in the in the Medtech, Biotech and e-Health sectors.

If you are an insurance company or work with insurance companies, then you have got to know how the next five years emerging technologies and ideas in the Medtech, Biotech and e-Health will affect your business, and possibly start thinking of new competitive strategies at the insurance policy and marketing level.

Finally, with all the great minds convening at the 12th BIOVISION Event, to us at BizSkills Academy, we see this as being all business and at the interest of businesses both today and tomorrow. Do you agree? Share your thoughts.

Special Hashtags to follow on twiter are: #Biovision #lifescience #ehealth #medtech #biotech


For more information visit:

Twitter: @BIOVISIONForum

Facebook: @biovisionForum



Are You Interested in the Biotech, Medtech and E-health Industries?

Are You Interested in the Biotech, Medtech and E-health Industries?

BIOVISION 2017 is taking place from the 4th to the 6th April in Lyon – France, bringing together This year, the forum will welcome major players from the health sector representing each step of the value chain (research, innovation, partnerships and finance) with the goal of arriving at concrete solutions to existing and future health issues.

Watch this YouTube video of of Christope Dercamp, Phd; the Director General giving insights into the importance of BIOVISION, The World Life Science Forum. from this video, you will get to understand the importance of this forum and hopefully, you will be able to follow it on the above mentioned dates.


as seen in the above video, BIOVISION is a special event, which brings together all key stakeholders in global health from the academia to the private sector. This forum’s deliberations serve three main cornerstones well curated to ensure that the forum reaches its goals. Those cornerstones are Prospective, Catalyser and Investor. They are discussed bellow: 


ProspectiveA meeting place for stakeholders in global health in the following areas:

  • Global medical education & training
  • Digital health and innovation for sustainable healthcare
  • Emerging viral diseases
  • Animal health
  • Cancer
  • Innovative technologies and science of metagenomics to reach ONE HEALTH




A springboard for innovators in the fields of Biotech, Medtech and e-health may hold the solutions to the health issues of today and tomorrow. Biovision is committed to discovering these individuals, supporting them by putting their ideas in the spotlight, and placing them on the fast track towards the fulfillment and realization of their work.



InvestorThe intersection of health start-ups and venture capital, which is the Biovision INVESTOR accelerates the fundraising process of Biotech, Medtech and e-health start-ups by putting them in direct contact with potential business and development partners. Selected from a pool of applicants by a special committee, start-ups with the greatest potential to offer innovative health solutions will present their pitches during the Biovision forum in front of a jury comprised of leading European private and corporate investors in the life sciences.

For more detailed information about BIOVISION and The 12th Forum taking place in Lyon – France, please visit the BIOVISION webiste bellow:

Donn’t hesitate to get in touch with us in case you may need more information regarding this event.


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